Hot Smoked Salmon wins at Cuisine 2011 artisan awards

Akaroa Salmon WINS!!!

Hot Smoked Salmon wins at Cuisine 2011 artisan awards

"Very elegant, nice and clean in the mouth"
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  Awards, Chefs and Restaurants


Akaroa Salmon is used by the best chefs and restaurants around New Zealand. It has been used by four consecutive winners of "Chef of the Nation" at the Salon Culinaire.

Here are some thoughts from the country's great chefs:

"I have had the pleasure of creating dishes with Akaroa Salmon for 14 years is tastier than all other salmon and in sashimi dishes, where texture and freshness is of the utmost importance, Akaroa Salmon excel."
Toshi Uenosono, Executive Chef, Sala Sala Christchurch

"Akaroa Salmon represents the best of New Zealand's products. Farmed in a majestic setting, purely and simply, it is a beautiful example of a wild species and food source reared to provide an extreme nourishing and wonderful dining experience."
Tony Smith, Executive Chef, Crowne Plaza Hotel, Christchurch

"There is no better salmon anywhere in the world, and I specifically include Alaska and Scotland...We take pride in presenting Akaroa Salmon, knowing there is none finer."
Simon Gault, Executive Chef, Euro Restaurant, Auckland

"Akaroa Salmon is without a doubt New Zealand's finest salmon crafted by chefs and enjoyed by the discerning."
Peter Thornley, Bracu, Auckland